Value Theory: Is money still useful?


Capitalism & Heresy: Finding freedom through self-awareness?


Our Attraction to Chaos: Why is Billy the Kid romanticised in the twenty-first century?


Grounding Moral Language: Did Enlightenment thinkers successfully reconstruct morality?


The Pandemic: Did praying work?

Many consider philosophy to be a boring discipline, full of unnecessary words and theories. This is unfortunate given the fact that philosophy has always been a practical discipline, that helps one overcome the various struggles of life.

Through reasoned discussion and critical reflection, ancient philosophers sought to tackle fundamental questions about our existence: what makes things ‘good’? what makes people ‘happy’? how do we build a ‘just’ society? These questions are as relevant today as they were millennia ago.

We publish short argumentative articles that engages with philosophical ideas and has a clear message for readers to reflect on. Contributors are encouraged to challenge commonly held beliefs and provide alternative points of view – through this dialectic we hope to arrive at unique and refreshing opinions on a range issues.

Please read over our submission criteria before you pitch and an idea or article. Then send us an email at: phlexiblephilosophy@gmail.com


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